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What does the Early Childhood Council do?

Early Childhood Council is a collective vision on behalf of Colorado's young children and their families.

Early Childhood Council provides a framework that:

  • Recognizes the needs of the whole child and family;
  • Communicates the vision for comprehensive early childhood work;
  • Focuses on specific measurable outcomes;
  • Guides, organizes, and focuses the actions and accountability of public and private stakeholders.


How does the Early Childhood council add value to early childhood efforts?

Early Childhood Council provides a common vision within which public and private, state and local partners can see their work; outlining the efforts needed by all partners to make positive change in the lives of young children and their families. It takes the abstract "comprehensive systems building" language and ties it to specific strategies for action and concrete outcomes for children and families.

How can the Early Childhood Council be utilized?

As a communication tool to increase the understanding of stakeholders,leaders, and the public around the importance of early childhood.

As a planning tool to identify strengths and gaps and facilitate decision making around priorities for new and/or different funding, program, or policy efforts.

As an evaluation tool to measure change for children, families, and communities.

Who takes the lead on the Early Childhood Council work?

The Early Childhood Council framework belongs to all interested stakeholders groups and organizations who believe that working collaboratively toward common goals and outcomes will lead to greater success than is possible by working alone. All organizations and entities -- both public and private at state and local levels -- are leaders on behalf of the Early Childhood Colorado framework.


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